Thursday, July 23, 2009

Autism vs. "Twilight's" Edward/Rob Pattinson

Okay, I know what you all are thinking: Comparing autism to the new crazed "Twilight" book (and/or movie) series is quite a stretch. I admit to succumbing to this new obsession. With that said, I was humored by my 6 year old (autistic) son's seemingly innocent vanity and the need to run his fingers through his hair (which he believes is long and due for a haircut). With all the press on Rob Pattinson, I couldn't help but think of the new heartthrob, and this same signature move of his, that has taken over girls hearts everywhere. I had to chuckle.

If you have been following the publicity, there is a competition between the two male love interests in the book(Team Edward/vampire vs. Team Jacob/werewolf). Many readers (or audience members) will side with one or the other depending on their own personalities, needs, or desires. As I watch my son flicking his hair to the side, I asked myself who would win a competition between Team Rob (Pattinson) vs. Team Ryebread (a nickname and the team we name ourselves during our annual walk for autism). Of course, you all know my answer... No Competition -Team Ryebread wins by a landslide! Why, you ask? Aside from the fact that he is my son and I see only him when I imagine the cutest boy in the universe, he has traits that I really do believe would endear himself to the world. I'm not an expert on the superstar, so I don't know Mr. Pattinson or his character, but I can speak for my son. Team Ryebread's heart is pure, his nature-gentle, his character strong, willing and sensitive. He has a charisma about him and if he loves you, a trust is gained that will make you feel special. Beside all these things, he is handsome (I know this, but many people tell me too) with an adorable sense of humor. Sorry Rob, even with your gorgeous hair, my vote is for team Ryebread!

I go further with this somewhat ridiculous "Twilight" series comparison and begin seeing some consistencies between (if you can imagine) autism and the "Twilight" vampire family (the Cullen's). Hear me out:
Unique/Not typical
Introvert (or viewed as)
Often ostracized
Deliberate in actions
Consistent/ Routine
Dietary constraints/"vegetarians"
Beautiful in nature
Good hearted (can't not be) Good people
Heroic (click link, it is great)
Is a family affair (Does not just affect the individual)
The Cullen's ("Twilight's" Vampire Family)
Unique/Not Typical
Introverted (or viewed as)
Ostracized from peers
Deliberate and restrained
Routine in nature to avoid detection and self preservation(especially Edward)
Dietary constraints/"vegetarians"
Good people
Heroic (to the people that love them)
A family affair (if you get involved, you are affected)
This may describe my affinity for the storyline. My heart skips a beat every time I think or see my son (similar to Bella) and I have an empathy for such uniqueness and struggle. I decided to write about this in hopes that young people may come across this blog in the search engines while looking for more info about their favorite "Twilight" superstar or storyline.
My message is this: Next time you come across a person with unique traits or something that just seems a little off, refer back to the Cullen's and how you (as well as Bella) were somehow able to get passed any judgements to find their true value. Reach out to that person with sincerity.


  1. Lol, I think you are very creative and wonderfully imaginative! I admit to being a fan of the Twilight series and the actors/actresses. This is a fun post, thanks for sharing.

  2. I like what you wrote. I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and I related to the Cullens for the same reasons you mentioned in the article.

  3. Thank you for your comment,Heathen233. This is exactly my point in reaching out to these teen celebrities. They could influence so many people at one time and become an autism ambassador for teens. The value of their messages could be priceless to you (now) and my son in the future. Take Care!