Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Autism-Will Work For...

Out of the blue, I had this strange picture in my head. I was standing at the corner of a traffic light with a sign that said:

It got me thinking about what is important to me and what lengths I take to protect that which is so priceless. In the past, I admit I have offered to "pimp" myself out at my son's school or therapy sessions. It is the one way that I can convey the necessity of investing in my son. I will do what I can to help teachers, paraprofessionals, or therapists. If mailings need to be sent, letters typed, copies or phone calls made, laminating etc., I will gladly provide these services to keep the focus, and an extended effort, on my son.
The sign initially was comical to me. Any parent with a child on the spectrum understands the financial drain it can take for additional therapy, alternative therapy, behaviorists, nutritionists, etc. Until recently (I live in CT), many insurances have ignored our pleas for plan inclusion. It left much of the financial burden on us as parents. It still does. The very fact that "therapy" came to my mind first is significant.
On the other hand, many of you might say that you would just pay for the therapy. Yes, of course, I would do that too. That really isn't the point. It has to do with motivations that money can't buy or the supply is inadequate. What does each individual hold so dear, that they are willing to be humbled enough to stand out on the road with a sign asking for that very item? The answer is limitless and very personal.
So, I pose the question to you (& would love to read them in my comments)
Will Work For (fill in the blank)....
Other possibilities:
Will Work For Love
Will Work For Peace
Will Work For Medicine (for my child)
Will Work For Trust
Personal Note: My son wrote the words on the sign. Given all of his fine motor difficulties, it is the most beautiful script I have ever seen. That my friends is what we all immense appreciation for the most fundamental of tasks.

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  1. You have a way of hitting the nail on the hear. I would work for anything that helps my son.